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Does the cyclist or the equipment matter more?

There are many ways that a person can modify a bike to give themselves an advantage and with two major cycling events (Tour of Alberta – road cycling and FISE world action sports festival – a couple different BMX events and mountain bike slope style) in Edmonton in September these modifications have been on my … Continue reading

Which way does a tree lean?

If conditions are ideal a tree grows straight up. However, scarce resources may cause trees to grow with a lean, and it turns out that the direction and amount of this lean is affected by where a tree is in the world. Johns et al (2017) focused on a specific tree, Cook Pine, and found … Continue reading

The summer slide

With the start of the school year on the way many teachers are preparing themselves to address the summer slide, the learning loss that students experience over the summer. While a little loss may be expected some groups of children are affected more than others. Blazer and the Miami-Dade County school system conducted research that … Continue reading

Do Darwin’s finches actually have different DNA?

I have an undergraduate degree in biology, which means I have studied Darwin’s finches more times than I can count. The short version is that Darwin was on a ship that sailed to the Galapagos Islands. While there he observed many different species and variation within and between species. One of the groups that interested … Continue reading

Performance enhancing bacteria?

While it seems wrong to not write about the eclipse after yesterday’s event, I really can’t add anything that isn’t already out there so instead I’m going for something completely different. With several members of the Canadian track and field team being impacted by norovirus at the recent 2017 World Championships in Track and Field, … Continue reading

Regrow Bones

I admit that I desperately want to live in the era of Star Trek or the world of Harry Potter right now. Repairing injuries and even regrowing bones and tissues would be pretty awesome given that the surgeon ended up removing three bones from my wrist on this last go. At the time he told … Continue reading

Exercise and healing

I just had my (hopefully) last surgery on the wrist I broke two years ago.  I have diligently done any physical tasks I was instructed on, whether that was not moving it or cleaning the pin that was sticking out. I have also paid close attention to my mental state and have worked to get … Continue reading

Positive or negative? Sleep may make the difference

One thing that I know about pain is it affects your sleep. So does being too warm. So, last week, with the 30°C temperatures and the ongoing pain in my wrist, was exhausting. It, therefore, intrigued me then when I found a new article that looked at the impacts of sleep deprivation on the likelihood … Continue reading

Check the facts

I always told my students, particularly bio students, that while their goal might have been to get a specific grade, get accepted into the program of their choice, etc, my goal for them was that they could evaluate claims in the news and understand what their doctor was saying. One would hope that peer reviewed … Continue reading

Survival of the ?

When you think about all the things that we will put humans, and even our pets through in order to make sure a bone heals properly you have to wonder if a broken bone for a wild animal is a death sentence. These bones are the same bone (the humerus – upper arm bone) from … Continue reading

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