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Change up your running shoes

If you’re a runner, you’ve probably heard the advice to change your shoes, not just to replace them, but for different runs in a week. I have two different pairs of runners of different styles and brands. They both have a low heel-to-toe drop but in most other ways they are quite different. I like … Continue reading

Minimizing bruising

I had a skating coach who would tell us to put pressure on a spot that we had just fallen on: fall on your knee, put pressure on your knee. Despite the fact that I now question everything I have actually given this advice to many skaters myself without knowing whether there is actually any … Continue reading

Figure skating and concussions

While awareness of concussions and their long term implications is becoming more and more common in a number of sports figure skating seems to be lagging behind. Not just in media, but I didn’t actually find a single peer reviewed article on the topic when searching. So, are figure skaters somehow protected from these devastating … Continue reading

Injuries and arthritis

I’ve heard it a lot:”Oh, you injured x, you’ll get arthritis there for sure.” So, are injuries truly connected with arthritis? are some injuries more likely to be related? and is there anything that can be done? It seems like this is such a common sense relationship that it isn’t worth asking the question about … Continue reading

Running and knee health

I messed my knee up a lot of years ago. And by I messed it up, I mean someone else did something stupid that messed it up but that’s beside the point. I was told I would never do a lot of things again and some of them I have completely gone along with. I … Continue reading

The impacts of drinking water

No, this is not a post about how much water you should be drinking. This post is inspired by Merry and Pippin. That’s right, it is triggered by the supporting hobbits in The Lord of the Rings; specifically the scene when they are drinking Ent-draught and growing taller. In the movie, Ent-draught appears to just be … Continue reading

Can anything force you to tell the truth?

Ignoring the whole philosophical issue of what is truth, is there anyway to force someone to tell the truth about something? This is a pretty common plot device in a wide range of genres. From veritaserum in Harry Potter, to creatures crawling in your brain in Star Trek, to injected drugs in spy movies, it … Continue reading

Does training while fasting contribute to weight loss?

A while ago someone asked me about training before breakfast and whether that would contribute to faster weight loss. I’m not a fan of the many diet fads that are out there, and generally just stick to the idea of balancing your energy in with your energy out. But, I found some interesting research on … Continue reading

Bird attack

My lawn is a pretty good space for urban wildlife watching. We have a snowshoe hare highway, mice under the tree, and squirrels in the trees. And many many birds, none have hit the window recently.  One of those birds dive bombed the lawn to get at something small that was living under the snow. … Continue reading

Blink more

Having moved from working outside to teaching and recently onto the computer I have become more and more interested in the effects of staring at the computer all day on eye health. I try to do all the things you are supposed to do: take frequent breaks, look at things further away, etc. But I … Continue reading

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